Drupalstudio Ellis Hettinga

Drupalstudio is an internet agency specialized in Drupal expertise. We build and maintain drupal websites and customized online applications. Ellis Hettinga is a senior Drupal back-end developer, she works as a developer at universities, research institutes and  innovative companies.

Although experienced in multiple languages ​​(C#, PHP, ColdFusion) and databases (Oracle, MySQL) I have been focussing on Drupal CMS since 2008 out of enthusiasm for the product. However, experience in other environments continues to come in handy. Senior Drupal expertise it is. I have a lot of expertise in the field of complex web-based applications combined with web services and DTAP and I am accustomed to working in an international team. For theming I team up with graphic designers and CSS specialists.

The result must be good! Delivery of solid, dynamic websites and modules for education and research. Quality and reliability are paramount. I strive for long-term relationships with clients. Those clients are like me focused on education, research, ecology and innovation. Think of universities at home and abroad, scientific institutes, research institutes and (landscape) architects.

~ Projects ~

Robust, easily found, user friendly, dynamic websites and modules for education and research Projects include building new sites, adaptation of existing sites and applying security updates. But also functional design and construction of modules for education and research , such as e-learning modules or a module for project document exchange .

The Deliberation Support Tools aim to provide a set of tools used in a multi-criteria evaluation.

This is a place where categories of actors (Stakeholders) can deliberate about any kind of problematic, in an organised framework following the INTEGRAAL method.


At TNO, Geological Survey of the Netherlands all data on the Dutch Subsurface is managed. Data is accessible to the public using several Drupal sites.

Since 2012 I work at TNO on site performing adaptions and updates to the sites. 
For example adding multilanguage to the sites, security updates and secure the fluent interaction with the flex application that displays the data.
The work at TNO is done in cooperation with Erik Stielstra of Wizzlern.


SAM is a REST service based infrastructure that handles relationships between nodes in multiple drupal sites. 

The name SAM stands for Sustainable Axis Mundi, where the mythological term Axis Mundi refers to the central  position of this system in the infrastructure of websites.
When the French International Centre for Research in Ecological Economics, Eco-innovation and Tool Development for Sustainability expressed the wish for a web of sites connected by relations I developed this for them in close communication with the team.


Commissioned by Sovon, Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology I perform security updates periodically on site in Nijmegen. In addition, I resolve issues and perform adaptations based on new requirements and wishes. Recently, for example, we have a added a mobile view to the theme and created the the structure for the English website .

~ Clients ~

My clients are dutch and french universities, research institutes and innovative 'green' companies in the field of education, research, ecology and innovation.
Often it comes to long-term relationships with existing clients. I like to be involved with the client throughout the life of the website and make the site permanently join developments and changing requirements.

~ About ~

Trained as a software developer ( HBO Business Informatics ) I have been working at universities , research institutes and innovative companies since 1999. See for training and work experience details my profile.

My approach is like I am, enthusiastic, honest and careful. Programming robust, user-friendly dynamic websites and web applications is what I do. Making use of the latest techniques and developments on the internet I find self-evident.

Whatever I do : the result… meer